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Case Information Sheet

Instructions for Downloading:
"Right mouse click"
the link below that says
 AAA Case Information Sheet.pdf You'll see a menu like the one to the right open up. 

(MAC users just click the link and hold down on the mouse button)

In Internet Explorer Choose "Save Target As..." and download the file to your desktop (in Netscape and FireFox you choose "Save Link As..").  

Perform the same download steps for each of the bonuses also.

Once you select "save target as" or "save link as" a download screen will come up asking you where you want to save the file to on your computer.

You should save the files to your "Desktop" or another folder you can easily find. Once you have downloaded the file, go to your desktop or the folder you saved it to and double click the file to open it. This should launch Adobe Acrobat Reader and automatically display the ebook.

Right Click to download the pdf file

Download ==>

AAA Case Information Sheet.pdf

Download time: This file is about 17 KB in size - it will take between 5 and 20 seconds to download with a 56K modem connection.

Once you have downloaded the file named "AAA Case Information Sheet.pdf" - then open your Adobe Acrobat Reader software and click "file" and "open". 

AAA Transcribing Service


AAA Transcribing Service

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