AAA Transcribing Service

AAA Transcribing Service

AAA Transcribing Service is dedicated to providing our clients with efficient and accurate legal transcription services. 
AAA Transcribing Service has been producing verbatim transcripts of legal proceedings for over a decade.  

Privately owned and operated, all recordings are handled personally. 

AAA Transcribing Service utilizes the latest technology and offers transcription services from recordings of CD digital, video and tapes. 

AAA is a vendor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, providing certified copies to courts, attorneys and clients, billing CPCS  and other agencies of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts directly.

What is required:

  1. The audio recording that you wish to have transcribed.
  2. A case information Sheet.
  3. A NAC or a $50 deposit per item to be transcribed.

For your convenience there are two different ways to get the case information sheet.

1. Simply click the following (this will open a PDF file that you can fill in online and print it to your printer): CIS_online_form

2. Follow this link to download the case information sheet to your computer: Case_Information_Sheet Download

To send us the files that you would like transcribed:

To send audio and video files online, please go to our UPLOAD tab.





AAA Transcribing Service


AAA Transcribing Service

Legal transcription at it's best!




 For your convenience we accept all major credit cards.